Sunday, 29 November 2015


Big Heelo to my beautiful friends!
 I’m sorry for not posting anything for about a week, but  do have an excuse) I just had a busy busy week.
I Did get something very excited this time and it is - Everyday Minerals (brush set).
OMG, I’m in love, seriously, with these brushes make up looks flawless (well at least for me haha) they really do a great job, so easy to apply any liquids or powders with them, and I think they are perfect for beginners.

Hope you stick around
Thanks for stopping by
Much appreciate

Anne :*


Сегодня, хочу с Вами поделится своим новым приобретением – Набор кистей от Everyday Minerals. Кисти хорошие, очень легко наносят жидкую, сухую и рассыпчатую косметику, при этом не забирают много продукта «на себя», и очень хороши для новичков.

Берегите себя
Аня :*

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